The Gallery

In 2003 Bernheimer extended its operations to photography. Run since 2005 by Blanca Bernheimer, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography has now become a leading photography gallery within in Germany and Switzerland.

Bernheimer Fine Art Photography has established a well respected reputation by hosting a series of exhibitions of outstanding photographers, such as the 20th-century classics Irving Penn, Horst P. Horst and Robert Mapplethorpe. Along with the visual idea and artistic message, complete mastery of photographic technique is always a determining factor. A number of thematic exhibitions have been particularly well received, presenting photography in dialogue with selected old masters and therewith throwing light on the medium from a different angle. By presenting contemporary photography and Old Master paintings together, Bernheimer is opening new perspectives on both art forms: while photography re-introduces Old Masters to a younger audience, the paintings provide a context for photography as an established art form.

Younger artists include Veronica Bailey, Sebastian Copeland, Mat Hennek, Silke Lauffs, Jan C. Schlegel, Christopher Thomas and Mariano Vivanco.