Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland was born in 1964 in France. He later studied at UCLA where he graduated with a Bachlor of Arts in film. Copeland was a successful director of music videos and created advertising films for brands such as Disney, Fila and Pantene before he dedicated himself to environment protection and art photography. The artist lives and works in Bel Air, Los Angeles and, for the past ten years, he has been one of the heads of the US department of Gorbatschow’s environmental organisation Green Cross.

From 2005 onwards he undertook several expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland. The photographs that he took there document and highlight the effects of climate change. His images show a remote, endangered world that is about to disappear. The dreamy photographs depict the beauty of the landscape of the poles and of Greenland, with their rich organic structures and graphic shapes. The vast blue and white surfaces of these varied shapes convey a sense of stillness and clarity. Copeland sees his photographs as a means to convey his impressions and experiences from his travels with the public. He wants to raise awareness and get the viewer to engage with these landscapes of the arctic on an emotional level.

The large digital photographs he took have already been printed in numerous book publications. His work has been published in several magazines like Comsmopolian, Elle, GQ, Marie Claire, National Geographic, People, Publisher’s Weekly, The Face, USA Today, Vanity Fair and W Magazine. Copeland’s art photography has already been exhibited in many international galleries and museums.

Bernheimer Fine Art Photography and Flo Peters Galerie, Hamburg, exclusively represent Steven Copeland in Germany. 2013 was the first solo exhibition of Copeland in our Munich gallery. His photographs are showcased at art fairs such as the Paris Photo.


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