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In May 1864 Lehmann Bernheimer established the art trading company Bernheimer in Munich, making 2014 the 150th anniversary of its foundation. This occasion will be celebrated by fourth generation art dealer Konrad O. Bernheimer with a special exhibition in Munich which will display objects chosen to represent Bernheimer’s long history of trading a variety of artworks such as furniture, tapestries, Asiatic art and artisan craftwork. However, as Konrad O. Bernheimer is an internationally renowned dealer of Old Master paintings the exhibition will focus on his specialty.

Konrad O. Bernheimer’s new book about the company’s history and, by extension, his own family’s heritage, was published in autumn 2013 to honour this anniversary. He begins with the foundation of the company, the construction of the Palais at Lenbachplatz in Munich, emigration to his birthplace Venezuela and reopening the business in Munich after the war. His own career describes the company’s progression from antiques dealer to Old Master paintings dealer. This lively and interesting historical overview finishes in the present day.

His book also looks to the future with Blanca Bernheimer continuing the family name as the fifth generation of Bernheimer art dealers. For the past nine years she has specialised in Fine Art Photography, which will be incorporated into the anniversary exhibition. A variety of photos from the early 20th century as well as contemporary pictures from the gallery’s current collection will be displayed to honour the occasion.

Konrad O. Bernheimer is chairman and owner of Colnaghi gallery in London founded in 1760, making it the world’s oldest gallery. As chairman of Pictura he works for the international art fair TEFAF Maastricht and in Munich he launched the Highlights art fair, which last year took place in the city’s Residenz. For his outstanding services to the German art and culture, Konrad O. Bernheimer has recently been decorated with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Konrad O. Bernheimer will be reading extracts from his book to mark the occasion, exact dates to be confirmed.