Thu 9 Jun 2016Sat 16 Jul 2016
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WED - FR 12:00 - 18:00 H, SA 10:00 - 16:00 H

„Through the precious worlds and their secrets, that you are tracing for us and you are taking us on a journey with, you teach us a new way of seeing, you teach us to take a closer look, to hold on and wonder. You also teach us to become more sensitive, careful and cautious with everything that surrounds us, which is so fragile and can disappear forever just within a wing beat of a butterfly or a blink of an eye. I always feel in your works a trace of melancholy and a longing for original innocence, of a deeper beauty, which lies underneath the surface. During the preparations for the exhibition I have been often reminded of Paul Klee’s works, who said “Art does not reproduce the visible but renders visible”. Having a look on your works of the last 10 years, I want to tell you, that for me you became a Paul Klee, who observes and draws through the camera telling us of distant times, worlds and spaces, and even of eternity.” (Martina Kral, June 2016)

Bernheimer Fine Art Switzerland is pleased to announce the exhibition Fragile Welten (Fragile Worlds) by German photographer Gregor Törzs. The show is curated by Dr. Martina Kral, curator of world renowned Collection Rosengart in Lucerne since 2002.

It is like responding to a reflex, when Gregor Törzs finds something he feels the inner longing to hold it against the light. Whether it is a place, an object or a moment, for him it always refers to transparency and the hidden qualities of fragility, love, secret or perfection.

The exhibition features a selection from all his photographic series demonstrating how this approach runs like a read thread trough his oevre of the last ten years. From the early works capturing wildlife on gently exposed photographic negativs, over the coral cliffs, that he realized by using printed glass plates in the Red Sea, to his insects mirrored on wafer-thin silk paper. His works invite the viewer on a journey through foreign and yet familiar worlds always reminding how fragile life is.

Born 1970, Gregor Toerzs´ background and training make his approach to art unique. He started his career as a trainee in advertising in his hometown Hamburg. With nineteen he was drawn to Los Angeles, where he learned the film craft from Academy Award winning special effect experts John Dykstra and Dough Smith; later he worked as a lighting technician and a cinematographer. In 1993, he became Director of Photography, working with famed photographer Michel Comte and establishing himself in the world of advertising and fashion, working with major stars and commercial brands. Today, Törzs mainly focuses on art photography and platinum printing. He lives and works in Berlin.

In 2006 Törzs introduced his fine art photography with his series „Boy on Safari“, depicted in dark landscapes of surreal appearance entirely shot in dioramas.In his photographs one can see Törzs’ incredible ability to create striking pictures, using only the light at hand.

His „Ciel Lourd“ series in 2008 is a continuation of his interest in photographing a world between the seeming and the being. For this series, he created a waterproof housing for his favorite old camera and spent hundreds of hours underwater. Törzs also took large matte paintings with him into the ocean in order to create these surreal underwater moments. A technique that was used in movies before computers took over the world of visual FX.

Throughout the years he has also been interested in microscopic photography, as can be seen in his photographs of watch movements, gemstones and insects. For his microtype series „Plus grand que Moi” in 2010, Törzs introduced the art of platinum printing to his work. In this elaborate method of photography he creates his platinum prints with his own hands, adapting each sheet to the demands of his negatives. He often uses handcrafted Japanese paper, such as razor thin gampi paper. There are only a few labs worldwide that can offer and are capable of delivering these high standards of platinum prints, which is why Törzs’ dedication and mastery of such a complicated printing method adds another layer to his work.

In 2014 he designed and built the first 9x14“ analog underwater camera in the world, the Ultramarine 914. With it‘s 24x36cm superlarge format negative, it captures an emotion of the underwater world in a way one has never seen before.

In addition to Törzs´ underwater photography that year, he also introduced platinum photograms to his body of work. The series “Bliss“ is directly printed from glass plates which are treated with complex salt solutions. The results are extremely fine and fragile depictions of abstract naturally grown formations.

Gregor Törzs´ work is regularly shown in solo and group shows as well as trade fares such as APAD and Paris Photo.