Thu 25 Jun 2015Fri 7 Aug 2015
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Di - Fr: 10:00 – 18:00; Sa: 11:00 – 16:00

Bernheimer presents the group exhibition SUMMERTIME – Photographs of Martin Pudenz, Gregor Törzs, Mat Hennek, Toni Schneiders, Veronica Bailey, Nick Brandt, Silke Lauffs and Paintings of Abraham Brueghel, Anton Henstenburgh, Conrat Roepel, Katherine Manisco and Norbert Tadeusz. Besides these artists other contemporary works of arts will be displayed, such as the ceramics of Carina Ciscato, Jacob van der Beugel and David Roberts, Bronzes by Halima Cassell and glass objets by Louis Thompson.

Whether from South America or Central Europe, on land or sea, our Summertime exhibition shows a variety of inspiring vistas, conveyed through different techniques, mediums and materials.

With photographs of German and American scenery using the costly bromoil-print technique, Martin Pudenz harks back to traditions of the 19th century. The unique photographs in the garish sunlight were taken in Germany and the desert landscapes of America, Pudenz was particularly interest in the majestic Saguaro-Riessen-Cacti of Arizona.

The Palatine- print technique which Gregor Törzs uses for his photos also refers to the 19th century. In the series Ultramarine, he takes the viewer underwater to the fields of coral reefs. With a specially made camera, the Ultramarin, he is able to work underwater with big negatives. His dives are physically demanding and meticulously planned in advance, but the results are dreamy, black-and-white photographs which, in addition to the unique printing method, are truly one of a kind.

Deep in the woods of Central Europe Mat Hennek photographs untamed nature. He works with an analogous medium format camera on coloured 6x6 film and depicts trees and plants in his photographs, without any ground or horizon. The carefully selected focus leads to a choreography without bounds that reaches to the sky, creating a longing for an original, untouched nature.

The photographer Toni Schneiders (1920 - 2006) was one of the co-founders of the group ‘Fotoform‘, comprised of pioneering personalities of German Photography. He travelled extensively around the world, often on behalf of magazines and newspapers, visiting far flung locations like Southern Europe, Scandinavia, Ethiopia, North Africa, Japan and South-East Asia. With his sense for abstract motives and his wealth of ideas for surreal scenes, he created many noteworthy pictures which are still available as Vintageprints.

Veronica Bailey’s Colourfields explores the theme of renewal by overlaying colour on to a still life landscape, complimented by references to the poem “The Autumn” by John Keats (1795 – 1821). Each of the sixteen artworks was titled with an approriate line taken from the original prose. The images were created during the autumn of 2013 then reworked exactly six months later with Aniline dye inks. By transforming the original material, the works sought to be a metaphorical attempt to revive and regenerate the flora forgotten from a previous point in time. Yet the transformation process did not finish there; the pigment of these aniline dyes is temporary so its intense colour rapidly decays. Therefore these reawakened, transient artworks were preserved through being scanned and reproduced as lambda prints.

The black-and-white photographs of the Silke Lauffs, who currently lives in Berlin, show close-up blossoms in a soft light to which the additional sepia tinting lends a special aesthetic and grace. Photographs with German coast scenes of Binz and Bansin have allowed Lauffs to experiment with panoramic format. They show the beauty of the natural landscape in the deserted morning light.

The paintings of the famous German artist Norbert Tadeusz (1940 - 2011), complete the coloured component of our Summertime exhibition. Tadeusz was a pupil of Beuys and a fellow student of Richter and Immendorf. However, above all, he is one of few painters of his time who is completely faithful to depicting reality, against the current fashion for the Abstraction of the Düsseldorfer Akademy. The result of this is his creation of a unique work with it’s own, developed picture world.

Tadeusz appreciated the Old Masters of the Golden Age, which will be exemplarily represented in our exhibition by the still life painting by Abraham Brueghel (Antwerp 1631 – 1697 Naples). Abraham Brueghel left Flanders as a young man, living first in Rome and then in Naples by 1670. Our picture is dated in the second half of the 1670s where , in Italy, his style became more impasto. The clarity of the details, the soft treatment and strength of the colours are typical for the style of the painting in this period.

A colourful acqurell of Anton Henstenburgh (Hoorn 1695 - 1781) shows four parrots dancing with carefully on small branches. It demonstrates that a fine acquarell stands up beside the photographs and both acrylic and oil painting.

In the area of contemporary artworks, artists Carina Ciscato and Jacob van der Beugel are also shown. Whether as singular or group objects, their ceramics have an unconventional beauty. David Roberts surprises the viewer with his modern use of the old Japanese Raku technique.

Two bronze objects by Halima Cassell forming a harmonius pair and the glassblower Louis Thompson presents four extravagant vases ranging from emerald green to diamond gold.

You are warmly welcomed to visit our Summertime exhibition.