Silke Lauffs

Silke Lauffs was born in 1969 in Hanau and studied interior design at the Kunst und Design Schule of Hannover.  Whilst she was studying during the early 90s she began to teach herself photography. After working for some time as an interior designer in New York, she moved back to Germany in 1997 where she worked as a photographer on landscape, still life, fashion and portrait assignments for numerous magazines. Since 2000 she has become renowned as a photographer with solo exhibitions in Germany and other European countries. Silke Lauffs currently lives as an independent photographer in Berlin.

From her travels to India (2002) and Myanmar (2008), Silke Lauffs has created a poetical body of work exploring these exotic places, landscapes and sanctuary sites. Her pictures are reminiscent of long forgotten times. It is as if we could sense the ancient inhabitant’s feelings - their joys and sorrows. “This is the atmosphere that I wanted to capture - these rare timeless yet evanescent moments”. The photographs from Silke Lauffs’ India and Myanmar travels are not intended to be records of these countries daily life. They are impressions of a journey, taken in early hour emptiness, of these otherwise vivid and populous lands. The pale morning light fascinates the photographer and is intrinsic to the distinctive mysteriousness of her imagery, aided by her use of a panoramic camera for her photographs. Long exposure times create a slight mistiness in her black and white negatives that she later enlarges and adds sepia tones. Her photographic process results in breathtaking prints of tremendous depth. Her photographs are available as classical silver-gelatine prints or as platinum prints.

Between 2005 and 2007 Silke Lauffs created an impressive series that was commissioned by Bernheimer and the Schloss Fuschl Collection for which she choose to photograph the landscape of the Salzkammergut. It focuses on the passage of seasons in the untouched nature of Salzburg’s surroundings, lake Fuschelsee and the adjacent mountains.

Bernheimer Fine Art Photography represents Silke Lauffs. Her 2004 single exhibition was followed by two further single exhibitions in 2006 and 2009 and by numerous group exhibitions. The artist has also been successfully showcased at art fairs such as the Paris Photo.


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